Computer Science

The subject of computer science

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Computer driver's license

From school year 2018/19

  • Using the computer
  • Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation
  • Security on the net

Elective orientation

In groups that change every nine weeks, the pupils can get a taste of computer science alongside other subjects such as visual arts and design, science and work studies.

The topics covered in Computer Science include the following:

  • Information processing
  • Introduction to programming
  • Cryptography
  • Ethical issues in computer science
  • Social networks

Elective subject computer science

In the second semester of year 6, pupils choose a compulsory elective subject, which is taught as a fourth main subject. There is a binding core curriculum and a school curriculum for this.

The reasons for the elective subject computer science:

  • Preparing learners for life in a world permeated by digital technologies
  • Promotes interdisciplinary and networked thinking
  • Contributes to a deeper understanding of sustainable development and the use of our natural resources
  • Preparation for training, studies and career
  • Arouses the interest of both girls and boys for a later professional orientation in the field of mathematics, technology and science

Please note the following requirements if your child should choose Computer Science as a subject:

  • Great interest in problem solving and puzzling
  • Independent and thorough work, even over longer periods of time
  • Structuring subject areas and facts, and enjoying diagrams and sketches

You can find the core curriculum at the following link:


Computer science alternating with work studies

Pupils in year 8 have computer science lessons for one hour every two weeks. The content includes the following:

  • Working with the computer (if there is no previous knowledge)
  • Information processing
  • Create websites with HTML&CSS
  • App development
  • ...