Sec I

Trips at secondary level I

School trips in secondary level 1 are an important aspect of pupils' social development.

In the fifth year, the focus is on class community days, which aim to strengthen cohesion in the class. These days enable the pupils to get to know each other better, promote team spirit and build a positive class community.

The annual sports trip is an important activity for the eighth year. The focus here is not only on the sporting aspect, but also on promoting teamwork and the development of a healthy lifestyle. Joint sporting activities not only improve physical fitness, but also strengthen cohesion within the year group.

The final class trip in year ten is the highlight of the school trips. This trip not only marks the end of their time at secondary school, but also provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their time at school together and take away lasting memories. These trips can include both cultural experiences and adventures and help to ensure that students leave with positive memories of their school career. Overall, these structured school trips provide students with a holistic experience that goes beyond the classroom and promotes their personal development in various areas.