All-day & AGs


...because school is more than lessons!

Every Wednesday in the afternoon, the working groups (AGs) take place. These primarily offer content that is either not covered at all or only briefly in normal lessons. Through the free choice of the AGs, our students can therefore pursue their personal inclinations and interests - in the sense of individual development.

At the moment, the AG offer is not obligatory for the students. They can register voluntarily and thus learn from grade 5 onwards not only to organize their learning independently, but also to organize it according to their own wishes.

Our AG offer is very versatile:

  • Pokemon GO
  • Dance-AG
  • Art-AG
  • Painting and crafts
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Digital tools
  • School Garden
  • Pottery
  • Girls' Round
  • School kiosk
  • Works with vehicle parts
  • China: Exciting news from the Middle Kingdom
  • Volleyball
  • Graffiti-AG